09.Sep.2013 How do I buy the right lingerie for me?

You can shop for a number of lingerie brands online, if you are looking for  exquisite lingerie for special occasions then check out some designer brands such as myla and net a porter. If you are a plus size woman, you can also order plus size lingerie from a number of stores, thus there is lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes. But, you should always get the right fit in your bra and knickers, your bras should provide you utmost support, coverage and comfort, majority of women get the wrong size in their lingerie, it is said that one out of four women wear wrong sized bras, rather they wear too small or large.

If you are shopping for beautiful bridal lingerie, it is very important to get the right fit; there are certain pointers to keep in mind. First of all, try on your bra before purchasing it, if the band is too loose it is not a right fit, if the cups are small and your breast tissue is spilling over from the sides or the top, this is not the right size for you. If the breast don’t fill in the cup, it is a large size, if the band slides off your shoulder, get another bra. If you are buying a wired bra, the wires inside should not poke into your skin, if they do, try another bra.

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